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About Reverie

Located in Rogers, AR, Reverie is the quintessential coffee bar experience.

A Coffee Shop With Heart

We believe that coffee should be more than just a drink, it should be an experience. We take the time to perfect each and every cup so that our customers can enjoy the very best. We also believe in using only the highest quality ingredients and supporting local businesses whenever possible.

Coffee Bean

Best Beans

The best of the best: fresh & locally roasted Onyx Coffee Lab beans

Coffee Bean

Quality Milk

We only use the freshest milk in all of our coffee and tea drinks.

Coffee Bean

Perfect Blend

Each cup is made with a perfect blend to create the perfect flavor.

A Letter From The Owner

owner holding coffee

Hi, friends! My name is Gina.

I feel like coffee shop life runs through my blood — it began with my mother.

Let’s call it a love of nostalgia.

It was an everyday occurrence as a little girl to see my parents start their day with coffee in their hands and reading the paper at the kitchen table.

It was always such a treat to join my mother at our favorite spot downtown: the local soda fountain. I was always so fascinated with the old woodwork, small tiled hallways and French café tables.

As I grew older and moved between different states, my mother and I always found quaint shops to reconnect in while discussing our day.

Many corner tables were my study haven in college, always with a sidekick of coffee or tea.

After getting married and moving to NYC for work, it was such a joy finding family owned businesses to frequent for the energy boost needed to get through the crazy corporate day.

During any travels, my husband and I love scouting out the local gems where we can pause and renew our spirits.

And now, reverie has been created as a space where you can do the same.

We live in a world that will steal all our time, if we allow it.

Time is precious.

Gina Stroud


Take a peek at some of our snapshots taken at the coffee shop!

pour over ice coffee
espresso in the sunshine
unique drink
coffee with cream
chocolate cake treats
pouring ice coffee
espresso and a flower
creamy drink and flowers
orange colored drink
local products sold
gina standing behind coffee bar
inside reverie coffee and teahouse
espresso machine